Welcome to the site of Sunplant®, the plant food.

High quality liquid fertilisers that distinguish from other fertilizers.
Our strengths:


Only by using the purest ingredients you can reach the highest quality plant nutrients, rich in minerals. To guaranty the purity, the raw materials are subjected on special quality control at our factory and our suppliers. During the production, the finished product is always checked.

Finished product

A finished product for us means that user’s need to take as minimal operations as possible.
For private customers, this means that it’s a homogeneous fertiliser where ‘shake before use’ isn’t necessary and the liquid can easily be dosed with the screw cap on the bottle.
Professional growers receive a complete NPK compound fertilizer, without recalculating every time the composition for the A- and B-boxes. The fertilizer can very easily dispensed with a dosing device or simply added in the tank of the irrigation water. The product in solution does not stain and is almost odorless.


Only by thorough dissections and investigation, there can be developed a fertilizer that actually meets the needs of the plant.
For each fertilizer is considered the best NPK ratio, specific micronutrients needed for the plant and the optimum acidity (pH).


Proper packaging is always necessary. For Sunplant® fertilisers is deliberately chosen to use a simple packaging, so that the necessary amount of residual material is limited.
We are affiliated with Fost Plus (Green point) and Valipack. In this way each year is contributed to used packaging.


Without prejudice to the quality, efforts are made to keep the price of the final product as low as possible.
Thus the lowest possible is spend on marketing and advertising, so these costs don’t affect the final price for high quality fertiliser.