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Of course, not only the professional plant breeder needs a quality product.
Naturally, the private plant lover like plants in optimum condition.
Therefore we make the professional products available in smaller packages.

Sunplant Cactus Sunplant Universal Sunplant Green Plants Sunplant Bloom Sunplant Orchid Sunplant Buxus Sunplant Olives &Figs Sunplant Citrus Sunplant Palms Sunplant Surfinia Sunplant Fruiting Vegetables

Below is an overview of our products in small packages:

Sunplant Fruiting Vegetables

Sunplant Fruiting VegetablesDefinition

High quality nutrition with micronutrients for fruiting vegetables (tomato, cucumber, peppers, eggplant,...)
Contains all necessary nutrients for optimal growth and tasty fruits.
Sunplant® Fruiting Vegetables is made from the purest minerals and therefore also applicable to hydroponics.

For leafy vegetables it's recommended to use Sunplant® Universal (10-4-7 with micro-nutrients)


Greenhouse, veranda, open air, soil, in pots and plant trays, hydroponics

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Sunplant Surfinia

Sunplant Surfinia - 1kgDefinition

Sunplant® Surfinia is a specially developed formula for surfinia, hanging baskets, plants and other thriving container conservatory and balcony plants.
Also suitable for outdoor plants.

Sunplant® Surfinia is a professional formula and gives a whole season a very nice and masses of flowers to surfinia's.
In normal use there is no combustion possible. Simple dosing with screw cap.

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Sunplant Palms

Sunplant Palms - 1kgDefinition

Includes all necessary nutrients and chelated micronutrients (trace elements).
Professional liquid fertilizer designed specifically for palms, bamboo and herbs.

This formula contributes to a steady growth. The addition of chelated micronutrients make sure that plants retain vivid and dark green leaves.

Can also be used as a foliar spray to prevent deficiency diseases.

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Sunplant Olives & Figs

Sunplant Olives & Figs - 1kgDefinition

Liquid fertiliser with iron and other micronutrients, specifically designed for mediterranean plants such as olives, oleander, fig tree, libiscus,...
This balanced fertilizer containing all the necessary nutrients and micronutrients for good fruit development, fine leaves and a rich bloom.
The high phosphorus number for extra strong plants.

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Sunplant Green Plants

Sunplant Green Plants - 1kgDefinition

High quality liquid fertilizer for flowering and green houseplants. Creates a quiet growth with strong and sturdy plants.
By including the micronutrients we obtain dark, healty leaves whose color intensity in the leaf is preserved.
The flowers bloom frequent and long.

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Sunplant Citrus

Sunplant CitrusDefinition

High quality fertilizer with iron and other chelated micronutrients that can be used as folair feed.
This ensures low operating power plants with solid dark green leaves.
This fertilizer contains no ballast salts and ensures an optimum flowering and healtyn colorful fruit.

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Sunplant Buxus

Sunplant Buxus - 1kgDefinition

Sunplant® Buxus is particularly suitable for Buxus, Laurel, etc.., in pots and open soil.
Sunplant® Buxus promotes growth and keeps the plants in optimal condition. Also suitable for other patio.

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Sunplant Universal

Sunplant Universal - 1kgDefinition

High quality plant food for flowers and plants, vegetables and fruit.
For indoor and outdoor use, in pots, window boxes, bloembak and field production, including aquaculture alse suitable as a foliar feed.

to overcome stressful situations such as cold, drought,...

  • Can be mixed with most pesticides.
  • The plant enhancer of choice.
  • By using the purest ingredients recommended fertilizer for hydroponics.

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Sunplant Bloom

Sunplant Bloom - 1kgDefinition

Fertilizer designed for geranium, surfinia, cactus and other flowering balcony, terrace or conservatory plants in pots as in outdoor and flower box.

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