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Why are the fertilizers on the market only in a ordinary package?

Such a package has only advantages:

  1. Price
    Fertilizers are relatively inexpensive. But this means that the packaging has a major influence on the pricing of the product. A special bottle ha requires also special labels, special filling, special boxes,... so the cost can get very high.
    By choosing a simple, ordinary bottle we can offer a high quality fertilizers, such as Sunplant, at an affordable price.
  2. Environmental impact
    From the packaging waste issue is unfortunately a necessary evil. There is an ongoing attempt this factor as small as possible:
    Ordinary packaging produce less waste and use usually less materials. In addition, it contributed to the packaging to recycle.
  3. Usefulness
    Of course does not matter for the plant in what packaging food was.
    An expensive package for the plant has thus far no useful purpose and is literally thrown away money.
  4. Dexterity
    Design packaging often have a 'handy' dosing system. For the elderly and visually impaired that supposedly prove useful systems less pleasant to use.
    For the retail packaging is therefore deliberately chose a simple and clear bottle with the cap used for dosing.