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Pierre Borms, independent dealer in pesticides and fertilizers, becomes fascinated by the influence of fertilizers on the growth and development of plants. During his many contacts with professional growers, he’s regularly confronted with deficiency diseases. Usually these problems are the result of an incorrect balance NPK, a nutrient deficiency or wrong acidity (pH) of the soil.

To solve this problems, he starts the manufacturing of its own liquid fertilizer under the brand Sunplant®. Initially, only NPK compound fertilizers were made. After many experiments it was possible to add the right micronutrients (trace elements) in the purest form.


There came a demand from abroad for exactly the same fertilizers, but with chelated micronutrients.

Also for the Belgium market, the micronutrients where inserted as chelated. Because the legislation was not adapted to these developments, the micronutrients couldn’t guaranteed on the packaging.


Sunplant® Buxus is the first liquid fertilizer especially for Buxus in Belgium, perhaps even in whole Europe. The fertilizer ensures not only the ideal NPK ratio, but also takes care of the alkaline character and iron demands of Buxus.


Because of the high quality, our fertilizers where used for several years by orchid growers. There was much interest from this sector to develop a year-round formula, especially for orchids.
After extensive research and in consultation with growers, Sunplant® orchid came on the market in smaller packages so it became available for the private sector.


In September, an ultramodern filling line was installed for filling packaging of 250 ml to 5 litres. Both the filling, closing, labelling as attaching tracking is fully automatic. Also closing and printing on the boxes is done automatically.


The incoming raw materials, production and outgoing products are traced.

October 2, 2006

The lack of expendability at the plant in Sint-Gillis-Dendermonde, the head office moved to Baasrode anywhere through most of the stock is stored and the filling is placed.
At the same time, all side issues moved to Baasrode.

The site in Sint-Gillis-Dendermonde continue to serve as storage of less frequently purchased goods and production unit for Sunplant® fertilizers.

February 5, 2008

A whirlwind draws a strip of destruction across the region of Dendermonde.

The site in Sint-Gillis-Dendermonde is locates right in the barely 50 meters wide swath of the storm: the storage and manufacturing warehouses are heavily damaged. The construction of the adjacent farm houses of the parents are totally devastated. The family home is hardly damaged. Only by the good weather days it remains habitable.

At Baasrode the whirlwind passes at barely 10 meters of the other site. The damage remains limited to a few blown down containers.